Business Function: Retail

Job Role: Checkout Assistant

What do you most enjoy about your job?...

"Having to solve problems that occur during each shift. No shift is the same. I like the fact that I feel quite safe in my job stability currently at a time when many don't. I enjoy the team of people that I work with. "

What do you least enjoy about your job?...

"Working in the petrol station means that you are separate from the store and often are left to deal with situations yourself. Currently I dislike being understaffed, and the lack of overtime available. "

What is the biggest difference from your expectation of Tesco?...

"My difference isn't with the expectation of the job but with the expectation of the job I thought I could get. With a 2.1 degree in a reputable subject at a reputable university I would like to aim higher than a Tesco Checkout Job but such is the current climate. The job met my expectation in that it pays me for the work that I do. "

What do you do all day? In one sentence...

"I provide a service to customers by serving them and maintaining the stock, cleanliness and helpfulness that the PFS requires. "

If you could tell your younger self one thing before applying for a graduate job, what would it be?

"Don't be so picky! Any job is experience in the beginning."

Employee experience

Pay: How do you think your pay compares with similar positions elsewhere?Rating: 8/10

Hours: How much do you think your employer cares about your work/life balance?Rating: 8/10

Respect: How much do you feel your employer values you?Rating: 6/10

Ethics: Do you think that what you are doing makes the world a better place?Rating: 4/10

Good Choice: How willing would you be to accept your job knowing what you now know?Rating: 8/10

Promotion: How achieveable do you think career progression & promotion are?Rating: 8/10

Training: Do you have access to the training and support you need to do your job well?Rating: 8/10

Open: Do you feel able to express yourself openly and honestly in your workplace?Rating: 8/10

Social: How sociable do you find your colleagues?Rating: 6/10

Induction: Did your induction make you feel prepared and welcomed by your employer?Rating: 8/10


Salary: £0 - 14k

NoProfessional Qualification

NoFlexible Working

NoParties & Events

NoSeason Ticket Loan

NoInterest Free Loan

NoSigning Bonus

YesStaff Shop

NoNational Travel

NoInternational Travel

Review Details

Sector: Retail, Buying & Merchandising

Review Age: 3 Years

Employer: Tesco

Review Rank: 155

Business Function: Retail

Review Rating: Not yet rated

Job Role: Checkout Assistant

Review ID: F0B4A